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Great Britain.

General Appearance

Head, in general outline, giving a square appearance when viewed from any point. Breadth desired and in ratio to length of whole head and face as 2 3. Body broad, deep, long, powerfully built, on legs wide apart and set. Muscles sharply defined. Size is desirable, but only if combined with quality and if absolute soundness is maintained. Height and substance important if both points are proportionately combined. Large, powerful, well-knit frame.


Short and close-lying, but coarse over neck and shoulders.

Apricot, fawn or brindle. In any case, muzzle, ears and nose should be black with black around eye rims, and extending upwards between them. Excessive white on body, chest or feet is unacceptable.

Behaviour & Temperment

A combination of grandeur and courage. Calm, affectionate to owners, but capable of guarding. Usually indifferent with strangers; timidity is unacceptable.

Important Proportions

Length of body taken from point of shoulder to point of buttock greater than height at withers.

Breed Movement

Powerful, easy extension, driven from the rear, fluent, sound, with ground-covering strides. Level topline maintained whilst on the move. Tendency to pace is undesireable. Absolute soundness essential.