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General Appearance

Dog of medium size with strong constitution, square build and fine, but not too light bones. The somewhat lean body is well muscled all over. The construction of the individual body parts is difficult to judge, as the whole body is covered by a strongly developed coat, tending to form curls and cords. It is therefore useful to touch the dog when judging. The coat on the head is so profuse that the head appears round and the eyes are almost covered. The profusely coated tail, curled forward over the back, gives the appearance of the topline rising slightly towards the rear.


Height at the withers Males 39–45 cms, Ideal height 41–43 cms. Females 36–42 cms, Ideal height 38–40 cms.
Weight Males 13–15 kgs. Females 10–13 kgs.


The puppy coat is dense, wavy or curly. Later, there are tufts of hair developing to tassels and cords. The coat consists of a coarser top coat and a finer undercoat. The relation between these two types of hair determines the character of the coat. If the topcoat highly predominate the undercoat, the coat structure is untypical and the coat sticks slightly out. If the undercoat is too highly predominant – which is undesirable – this results in a matted coat of too soft texture, difficult to groom. The correct proportion between the two types of hair, which is genetically fixed, produces the aesthetical tassels or cords, which are easy to groom. The cords on the loin and the croup and at the back of the upper thighs are longest (20–30 cms). They are shortest on the head and at the limbs (10-12 cm). Coat on head is ideal when the hair forms a strong structure of cords covering the facial region. Both a combed out and a neglected, tousled coat are undesirable.

Black. Black with few rusty coloured or grey shadings. Fawn (fakó) with a distinct black mask. Grey in any shade. A white patch at the forechest, not exceeding 3 cm in diameter, is permitted. White between the toes is not regarded as a fault. Pearl white coat, without any russet gold (semmelblond).

Behaviour & Temperment

Of lively temperament, extremely able to learn. Loves children and is an excellent watchdog. His present shape has adapted him to sporting use.

Important Proportions

The body length is equal to the height at the withers. The depth of the brisket is slightly less than half of the height at the withers. The length of the muzzle is one third of the total length of the head.

Breed Movement

Very lively and spirited. Steps short. The gait is often typically mincing and jumping. The dog has a tendency to spin round himself.