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Christmas through the Eyes of Dream - Safe doggy Foods!

Christmas through the Eyes of Dream - Safe doggy Foods!

Good morning everyone, what an amazing dream I had last night! In it, I could see all of my best friends who are all different dog breeds, and each so different in every way. My dream  was about a doggy event called “bark in the park” which I was at on a gorgeous sunny August day when I was very small. All the other puppies there were small too, so we had great fun and chats. Guess what also happened?

As it was a warm day, I need to drink more water and protect my skin from the sun. I have pink areas under my coat as my breed was designed like that. My mammy and daddy put sun protective cream on me, which is very important. Little Gizmo a Bichon Frise who was also there had sun burn before, and now always wears factor 50 for doggies. While I was sipping my water, a family came up chatting to us and they had a very large Golden Retriever named Gussie. He was so big and cuddly I like him straight away. I knew he was young as he was a little silly like me, so we bonded straight away.

Gussies' mammy said that last Christmas eve when he was a puppy back then, he was naughty! That night as the family slept, he jumped up on a chair and ate, mushrooms, onions, garlic & raw potatoes from dishes which were being prepared for the Christmas dinner. The next morning as all the children raced downstairs and ripped open the presents which Santa had left, they noticed little Gussie was very quiet, slouched in his bed and  looked so sad. He had been sick overnight so he was brought to his local vet straight away. The vet said that garlic, mushrooms, onions and raw potatoes are all dangerous and food that Gussie should not eat. After 3 days on treatment and plenty of care & love from all the staff in the vet hospital, Gussie was able to go back home and enjoy the rest of his Christmas. I think he learned his lesson.