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Puppies Smuggled into Ireland for Re-Sale

Puppies Smuggled into Ireland for Re-Sale

Gardaí at Dublin Port have questioned two people caught bringing 26 puppies and 12 adult dogs into the country. Several of the animals were in poor health or underfed, leading gardaí to seize them and hand them over to the DSPCA.

The dogs were discovered on Sunday evening by the Garda immigration Unit following a search of two vehicles. Gardaí were concerned about the health of the dogs, and the manner in which they were being transported.

The drivers of the vehicles could not produce any proof of ownership, pet passports, vaccination certificates or microchip certificates. Some of the puppies were as young as two weeks old. It is illegal to transport pups under six months old between countries.

“Following further investigation all the dogs were seized and are now in the care of the DSPCA, and have been undergoing extensive heath checks and follow-up veterinary treatment,” a DSPCA spokeswoman said.

The seizure included two litters of puppies and a heavily pregnant bitch. Some of the dogs are infested with fleas and underweight. One of the puppies has an infected umbilical cord, and the DSPCA is concerned that some of the Jack Russel puppies have had their tails docked.

Garda photos show the animals being transported in a car and a van.

“The DSPCA would like to thank the gardaí at Dublin Port for their diligence and would like to remind the public that we are still working to care for animals in these difficult times,” it said.

The animals cannot be fostered or rehomed for now as an investigation is ongoing. Gardaí have questioned the drivers of the vehicles on their reason for travelling. It is understood they came from the UK.